Peter Benedict


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"Benedict's clever thriller is GRIPPING.

He runs a tight ship as writer and director

and clear performances result,

led by a charismatic Simon Ward.

More twists and turns

than Hampton Court maze.

Sharp one-liners abound...COMPELLING"




Keeps the audience guessing until the very end"




"Blackly comic one-liners and more

twists and turns than a bowl of spaghetti"




"This is one for fans of Hitchcock.

A tight, well paced plot and all the double-crossing  

any theatre-goer could ever need.  

Faustian in tone, with shades of The Maltese Falcon

in its twists, turns and red herrings."





A dark psychological thriller played as

blacker than black comedy.

If we went any further we'd start spoiling

some of the many delicious plot twists

that drive this murky story at breakneck speed down a rocky road of murder, blackmail and scandal

towards the inevitable cliff edge."

Cambridge Evening News


Southend Echo

Glasgow Daily Record.

Brighton Argus